hello there

Young woman, daughter, girlfriend,friend, employee, hairstylist, dog mom, adventure seeker, wanderluster, dreamer, do-er, people watcher, and part time human being. Just a few titles that i take on. The one i want to talk about today is when I am a hairdresser. I wake up, drink my coffee, get semi cute, and head to work. I love what I do, but just like any career, it can be tough. I am not always perfect, but I strive everyday to better myself and learn from my experiences. I am surrounded by so many talented women, some of who have even been doing hair as long as I have been alive! I get inspiration and advice from them on a daily basis by both watching and asking a million questions. I do realize that I am still very green when it comes to some techniques and I do not always nail it every time, but I know that practice…lots of practice makes perfect. It is okay to mess up (just do not completely screw up someones hair past the point of no return). Haha, but I have learned to just think about where I went wrong and focus hard to do better next time. It is important to be able to move on and not let mistakes sit in your mind. I have been doing hair for two years. The industry is constantly changing so I will be learning new things even twenty plus years down the road. So now that I have told you the biggest struggles of my job, I will let you in on the good stuff. When a client sits in your chair you do not always know what they are feeling or going through. We all go through things sometimes, so when I can help someone change something about themselves, and they love it, I feel on top of the world! Having the ability to make someone feel different, beautiful or simply just make them happy is one of my greatest blessings. I can not describe the way it feels to make a big difference in such a small way. Wow, I totally ranted hard, but my job was on my list of things to talk about so there ya have it. Talk to ya later, Regina